Saturday, 15 September 2012

Hi there, it's been one of those weeks, one of those ones that you wish you could go back and start again. But i shouldn't be looking back i should be looking forward, and with that comment i have been rather good this week and started the Christmas cards. I've even made the dogs advent calendar how organised is that. ( Brownie points i think lol). But this is just the start, i dread to think how many i have to make, i think i've made the card that will be massed produced. But i set myself a challenge to try to keep as many of the cards as flat as possible. This is due to postage cost. I sent a letter recorded delivery it cost £1.50, at the same time i posted a Birthday card 90p, if you times that by how ever many cards it is i have to post at Christmas it's going to cost a small fortune. So here are the first of  this years Christmas cards.
                                                                              This is the card i think i will mass produce, i've already done a few more background layers with different stamps. I'm finding the Katy Sue sentiments stamps really useful, they fill up a large space.


This year there are going to be alot of cards with these dear little elephants, this one with the plant pots is my favorite image out of the range by Wild Rose Studios.

Heres another example, i like this as it's not the usual colour i would go for but it seems to suit the image.


This isn't the best photo in the world it doesn't show the detail of the card well, but i had to use it as i love the way the flash has shown the glitter embossing and the shine of the silver embossing on the words. Another of my flat cards, and i've taken to using 7" x 5" card blanks as i been caught out at the post office with some of the envelopes being slightly bigger than A5.

I finally got round to playing with the Hunkydory pearl glittery powder stuff, i can't remember exactly what it's called but it's great for using on to tape round the edge of a layer and it not quite so in your face as glitter. Although it still gets everywhere like glitter. The strangest place i've found glitter was on my guinea pigs back the sun caught as he came to the front of the cage lol.
And finally here is a couple of photos of the advent calendar. Quite proud of myself for this as i worked out how to do it all by myself, i even had to measure lol. But i made a template of it so i have it to use each year. Now i thought it would be nice if i got the dog to model along side of it, so i sat her down and placed a biscuit in one of the doors it was looking good. That was until i took my eye of her a you guessed it the biscuit was nowhere to be seen.
Heres introducing Keira, you never know there might be a modelling career for her, but not modelling anything edible that you want to take a photo of.

Yes that was the door the biscuit was in.
Well until next time Take Care.


  1. These are fabulous Kath and a great photograph of your dog.

    Linda xxxx

    1. Thank you Linda, we had great fun trying to get her to just sit by the calendar, every time you turned round she ate the biscuit lol.
      Take care Kath x