Sunday, 15 April 2012

Well it's the weekend again i don't know where the time goes. As i said in my last post i had been asked to make two Birthday cakes, but as it turned out my Son decided that he would have a go himself. So i supervised and he made the cake and decorated, he did a really good job so good that i'm hoping for a surprise for my Birthday at the end of the month. Well i can hope.
            I was due to make a 50th Birthday cake for Tuesday but i received a phone call last night and due to a change of plan i was asked if i could do it for today. So it hasn't turned out quite how i had planned but i'm pleased with it. And i had made some of the roses on Friday so that helped. It's a chocolate fudge cake which is one of my favourites, so i think i'm going to have to make myself one this week.

This is my first attempt at making roses. They were easy to make, i used one of those plastic wallets that you put in a ring folder. Cut the wallet up the sides, then rolled 6 balls of icing placing them on the open wallet. Covered them with the other side and gently flattened the balls with the side of my thumb. Which leaves a petal which is thinner on one side. The first petal you roll to a tight bud then following round with the other petals getting looser as you go. Carefully lay the rose on your hand and use a knife to cut the bottom off.

This is my Sons creation. I think he did a fantastic job for his first go. This was a chocolate fudge cake as well.

I thought to finish off this week i add some of the cards i had made.

This one seemed appropriate going with the rose cake. I used the Creative Expressions Rose stamp plate. And stamped the image 3 times so i could decoupage the rose, the background was made using mimento dye ink with a piece of cut n dry foam. Then stamped over using a script stamp.The card below was made using the same technique.

And finally for this week is a card i made using Joanna Sheen's Jane Shasky CD. I have told myself that i have got to start using the Cd's i have purchased in the past, i have a few which only ever sit on the shelf and collect dust. I have had to start asking myself before i buy anything now do i really want it, am i going to use it and where am i going to put it. The later usually being the hardest decision.
The backing paper is one of the inserts on the CD, i printed the A4 size. I cut the paper nearly in half and used the other half as the insert. The topper i lay on top of the yellow card a cut round it to leave a border. Then cut the 2 flowers on the topper sheet and layered them.

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  1. The chocolate fudge cake with roses looks mouth-watering.