Monday, 2 April 2012

What a weekend, i had an appointment which ran behind approx 2 1/2 hours so it ended up a wasted day. But to make up for yesterday the urge got the better of me and i played with my sewing machine. And a few hours later, in between cooking the Sunday roast i had actually made something lol and here he is,
Meet Barnaby, as my Daughter has affectionately called him, he was a kit which was given to me when i had the sewing machine. I've got to be honest i didn't find it easy at all, trying to keep the pieces together, the fur has a life of it's own. Everytime i pinned it, i looked and it had moved so i gave up in the end and just went for it. The end result being a Unique little bear. I had a lovely afternoon, until i had to tidy up how does anyone cope with the amount of bits of thread scattered everywhere i'm still finding them today, they are nearly as bad as glitter.

The picture given for his mouth made him look a bit freaky so i made it up as i went along, i made his nose smaller and just a slightly smiling mouth.
I had intended to add some of the cards i had made recently, i have been asked for some 50th Birthday cards, but Barnaby deserved the limelight. So i shall keep them till next time when there hopefully will be a few more but i'll leave you with one for this week.




  1. Yeah Kath you've got a blog! Fabulous love it and loveBarnaby and the card, keep it going girl :-) Alli xxx